Story Massage for Children…Story Time With Mom

“I absolutely loved being part of Anne’s Story Massage workshop; the session was relaxed, fun and very informative. Story Massage is a wonderful way to continue and expand on the benefits of Baby massage, exploring the applications of positive touch and I can’t wait to use the techniques we learned to enhance story times with my 17 month old son”

March 2016, Rachael

“I have just done Anne’s Story Massage for Children workshop and I would fully recommend this to any parent of toddler age and above as it mixes fun and stories with the power of touch in a simple yet effective manner that certainly would appeal to children. Anne’s cheery teaching manner made the class light hearted and a pleasure to do yet at the same time it was informative and has a serious philosophy behind it. A perfect step on from the baby massage course.”

Feb 2016, Fiona

“I would highly recommend the Story Massage workshop.  Anne ensures a relaxed and fun environment to learn the simple but effective story massage techniques. I enjoyed having the time to learn this myself then take home to do with my girls. It has made story time a truly interactive experience!” 

Feb 2016, Gayle

Relax & Breathe Birthing…iStock_000050535260-web-square

“Dear Anne, thank you again for the wonderful Relax & Breathe workshop. It was great – we felt so informed and empowered for our birth journey. Our beautiful boy arrived naturally and drug free and is nothing short of amazing.”

June 2016 Ianthe

“Dear Anne, 
I can’t begin to thank you enough, your tips and relaxation techniques were fantastic. I was 8 cm dilated 45 minutes after my first contraction! The midwife was flabbergasted, said I must be supremely relaxed. In the end, some complications arose as the little one tried to come out like superman, arms first, so got stuck in the birth canal;  after 7 hours of labour he was eventually born with the help of forceps, which entailed an episiotomy and some tearing. Your relaxation techniques came into their own while I was in theatre, particularly when I had to keep completely still during the surges while they inserted a spinal anaesthetic.

For someone who joined your course absolutely terrified of childbirth have to say I enjoyed my birth experience and felt calm and in control despite the complications. Instead of being scared, I was really focused and joyful at the little one’s imminent arrival. Thank you so much, your training played a major part in making it a positive  experience for my husband and I.

We’re all well and thoroughly enjoying this time of getting to know each other and being spoiled rotten by our family.  I hope you have many successes with your groups this year – best wishes for a great summer and thanks again.”

March 2016, Lorraine

“I enjoyed preparing for my daughter’s birth with the Relax & Breathe course. It covered a lot of ground and highlighted points I would not have otherwise considered. When my labour began, I felt ready for it. Hypnobirthing techniques – particularly the breathing – helped me to reach 9cm dilation before we arrived at hospital; I was very pleased with that! 

It might well have been all I needed had my baby not managed to turn at a very late stage which resulted in a complicated assisted delivery. Despite the stressful circumstances, hypnobirthing helped me and my partner to remain calm and ask the right questions/feel comfortable with the process even as we strayed from our original birth plan.” 

July 2015, Rona

“Our beautiful baby girl Maisie was born on 23/6/15 weighing 9lbs 2oz! Her birth was everything we wanted; calm, relaxed and only lasted 2 hours! This was thanks to the fantastic Anne and the brilliant coaching she gave us in the Relax and Breathe Birthing Journey course. Anne’s positive and empowering approach gave us fantastic strategies and techniques to utilise! Can’t recommend her and the course enough!”

July 2015, Emma

Baby Massage Classes…

Baby sleeping cute“Having just completed 5 week baby massage class today at Mulberry House, I can’t recommend Anne highly enough. My 13 week old baby is so relaxed she’s still sleeping 3 hours later! Each class was friendly for both mum and baby with no issues if babies cry, sleep, feed, need a change or chatting away. Anne also recommend specific techniques which really helped with my daughters colic and provided refreshments and biscuits too! I would sometimes arrive at class feeling exhausted but always left feeling happy and relaxed. Thank you!!

Feb 2016, Louisa & Helena

“Just completed the 5 week baby massage course. Lovely teacher (Anne) friendly, relaxed informal setting with tea, coffee, biscuits etc. provided. Course itself very useful focusing on different parts of the body each week with a general overview in the last week. Very helpful for all babies particularly if issues with colic. Overall very enjoyable and would highly recommend”

Feb 2016, Catriona & Morven

“Have just finished the baby massage course and highly recommend it! Anne is a fab teacher – patient, knowledgeable and lovely. Great environment with tea, biscuits and fruit – what’s not to love! Had a great time, real bonding experience with your little one and some great tips to help calm baby now and when they get a bit older too”

Feb 2016, Gemma & Aiden

“We both thoroughly enjoyed Anne’s baby massage course.   It was a great skill to learn and a lovely way to bond with my new baby.   Nice, relaxing atmosphere which made us both feel very comfortable”

Karen & Charlie

“I attended Anne’s Baby Massage Class with my 5 week old daughter. The class was really beneficial to both myself and my daughter as it has provided us with the massage techniques that I would have not known previously. The class size was small, only 5 Mums in total, which was great as it really felt like a one on one session. Anne was a really friendly teacher and answered many questions we had on our baby’s development… especially sleep and colic issues. I would recommend this class to all Mums! Great value as the skills you learn and their effects are long lasting”

Lynne & Amy

“Thank you Anne for being a wonderful teacher at the baby massage class. I will miss our Tuesday afternoon class and so will look forward to coming back for another class soon. I would recommend the baby massage class to any new parent. Anne makes everyone feel welcome and explains the meaning behind the techniques in a patient and caring way. The class is calming and relaxing for both parent and baby. Thanks once again from a super relaxed” 

Niki & Freya xxx

Fertility & Maternity Reflexology…Couple Holding Hands

“From the very first treatment I felt at ease, and Anne explained fully how the reproductive reflexology treatments worked in relation to my cycle, and the best times to get treatments. I was amazed at the things Anne could notice on my feet about the rest of my body.
Once I got a positive pregnancy test I called Anne and I was glad to hear she could continue working on me and I didn’t have to wait until 12 weeks. I had treatments every 4-6 weeks (unlike some therapists I’ve seen before, no specific course of treatment was recommended or forced on me, I chose to go this regularly whilst pregnant) all through my pregnancy and she generally worked toward relaxation and reducing anxiety. I was very nervous during this pregnancy until my 20 week scan ( having miscarried previously) and the treatments helped me relax and get through the weeks easier.
I suffered from constipation on and off before I was pregnant and mentioned this to Anne and she worked on my digestive system each treatment and I never had constipation during the 9 months. I also slept well all throughout the 9 months and think it was thanks to how relaxed I was from the treatments. Anne showed me points to do on myself in-between treatments, and specific ones for when I was travelling abroad on holidays (prevent swelling, sickness etc). I had pelvic girdle pain and sciatic pain from 13 weeks and of course there was a point Anne could work on for this too! I got relief from this discomfort right away.
As Anne and I got to know one another we planned for her to attend the labour and use acupressure and reflexology on me for relaxation and pain relief. She talked my husband through the points and we were able to practice them from 37 weeks onwards. I ended up being induced and it lasted 3 days and during this I used the points very effectively for pain relief and anxiety, Anne also did reflexology point to help start labour. When I went into labour it all happened quickly and as I had been diverted from Edinburgh to Livingston we didn’t think there would be enough time for Anne to get to us, so my husband and I continued to use the acupressure points and it felt empowering for both of us. I knew I was in control and was coping and had different options to use on each contraction, I found the points on the shoulders and feet really worked for me and took the edge off the pain, and my husband was able to feel useful during it all!! In the end there were complications and I ended up having a c section, but I continued using the anxiety points while in the operating theatre. I know that my experience would have been very different without the preparation I did and the calm state of mind I was able to be in with the help of using the different points.
After my baby was born he was jaundice and had to be put in a UV incubator for 3 days and was only allowed to be taken out to be fed. When he got upset or distressed in the incubator it was very difficult not being able to take him out and hold him, but I used the point on him and they had a calming effect on him. I would definitely feel confident in the benefits of reflexology and acupressure throughout another pregnancy and labour.
I found working with Anne that my treatment plan was flexible and individual, we went with whatever was happening on that day. Anne is a great therapist and it was the small things like her remembering details about your life that you had chatted about 6 weeks previous and she would remember and ask about them next time she saw you! There was a very personal feel to it all.
I can’t say for sure but I do think the treatments had a calming effect on my baby to from in the womb, both my husband and I are worriers and stress heads but our son is the MOST chilled person in our household! He has fed and slept well from day one, he was even 2 weeks late, he was so relaxed!!

From my husband:
My wife went to Anne for reflexology before and all throughout her pregnancy; not only did it help with the various aches and pains caused by the physical demands of pregnancy but it also played a huge part in relaxing her and alleviating the mental pressure and demands that often go unchecked during this time. I could see the difference in her straight away after she’d been to one of Anne’s sessions and I credit the work Anne did with being a vital contribution to the healthy and relatively problem free pregnancy we had.
As d-day loomed Anne became more involved and provided some material on the acupressure points that I could use to help my wife in the later stages of pregnancy and throughout labour itself. After a bit of practice, these techniques proved invaluable to both myself and my wife. The relief they provided to my wife was obvious and they also gave me a feeling of usefulness that, up until that point, had been lacking. It really helped my confidence and feeling of worth throughout the process as I’d previously felt pretty helpless watching my wife in pain and discomfort. Making cups of tea, fetching pillows and saying ‘there-there’ only works for a short period of time. During labour it felt like I had magic in my hands and being able to make things better meant the world to me, knowing that I played a bigger in the safe arrival of my baby and the wellbeing of my wife than most dads get to fills me with such a huge of pride.
Anne also went way over and above the call of duty in the latter stages of our pregnancy; coming out to both the house and hospital to continue the treatment that benefited my wife so much.
I really can’t thank Anne enough for all the work she put in and the benefits that both my wife and I gained from her expertise”

March 31, 2014  Ash Edinburgh