Cancer Care Massage

dreamstime_6371149 webAt one time it was thought that the pressure from massage strokes would cause cancer to spread (metastasis); there is no evidence to suggest that gentle, caring massage causes metastasis. There is, however, proof that massage can potentially greatly benefit cancer patients both physically and emotionally.

Research and anecdotal evidence has shown gentle massage to positively affect symptoms related to cancer or the side effects from treatment regimes, such as nausea, fatigue, insomnia and pain.

Patients report an increase sense of well-being, with a reduction in anxiety and sense of isolation, as well as increased relaxation, decreased muscle tension and decreased pain.

Cancer care massage is gentle, comforting, nurturing and supportive and can be beneficial for clients who are:

  • undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy
  • recovering from or with a history of cancer


Venue: 1 Boswall Avenue, Edinburgh, EH5 2EA

Cost: £40 for 60 minutes, £55 for 90 minutes

Days & Times: 

  • Monday starting at 10am – last appointment 7pm
  • Tuesday starting 10am – last appointment 7pm
  • Wednesday starting 10am – last appointment 6pm
  • Thursday starting 2pm – last appointment 6pm
  • Friday starting 2pm – last appointment 4pm