Pregnancy Therapies

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is a specialised treatment which can be used through the whole of pregnancy, including the first trimester. Regular maternity reflexology treatments can support mum-to-be throughout her pregnancy and help prepare her body for child birth:

  • enhance general relaxation
  • helps ease common discomforts in pregnancy
  • reduce tension, stress and anxiety
  • help improve sleep

As maternity reflexology complements the skilled work of your midwife, it is recommended to obtain permission from her before treatment begins.

What if baby is late? Sometimes expectant mums may not have their babies until well after their estimated due date, which may result in them needing medical induction to start or accelerate labour. Specialist maternity reflexology treatment can be very effective at promoting relaxation and help encourage the onset of labour and the birthing process.

Reflexology during labour Maternity reflexology can support mum-to-be throughout labour. Special techniques can be used to help to regulate and lessen the intensity of the contractions, help ease discomfort and calm the mind and body.

Postnatal Reflexology Throughout pregnancy and the birthing process the body has been through enormous changes both physically and emotionally and it is important to allow time for recovery. Postnatal reflexology can help to restore balance to the body

  • encourage return of normal menstrual cycle
  • assist recovery following an epidural
  • aid recovery following a caesarean section
  • ease breast feeding discomforts and encourage lactation
  • alleviate anxiety and the “baby blues”
  • ease digestive problems

Pregnancy MassageiStock_000045507516_Medium

Pregnancy Massage is a firm but gentle massage, incorporating a combination of special techniques which focus on the specific needs of the mum-to-be. The massage is tailored to the individual needs of each pregnant woman and may vary during each trimester to accommodate the physiological and physical changes that occur through pregnancy.

Benefits of pregnancy massage:

  • enhance general relaxation
  • helps ease common discomforts in pregnancy
  • alleviate stress and pain caused by postural changes, muscle tension, weakness and fatigue
  • help reduce swelling
  • reduce tension, stress and anxiety
  • help improve sleep


Venue: 1 Boswall Avenue, Edinburgh, EH5 2EA

Cost: £40 for 60 minutes, £55 for 90 minutes

Days & Times: 

  • Monday starting at 10am – last appointment 7pm
  • Tuesday starting 10am – last appointment 7pm
  • Wednesday starting 10am – last appointment 6pm
  • Thursday starting 2pm – last appointment 6pm
  • Friday starting 2pm – last appointment 4pm