(Specialised Fertility Reflexology)

Fertility Reflexology

The ability to conceive depends on many different factors, but it is essential that both partners are in optimum health to enable this to happen. The demands of modern lifestyle puts everyone under pressure, many fall into patterns of behaviour that they are unaware of and this can potentially have an impact on health and fertility.

Factors that may affect fertility

  • longer working hours, which can lead to stress and anxiety
  • poor diet and erratic eating habits, convenience foods and increased alcohol consumption
  • too much or too little exercise

If medical tests show that there is no medical reason for a couple to conceive, lifestyle issues may contribute to infertility and if a couple have been trying to conceive for some time the stress and anxiety this causes can be all-consuming which also may affect their ability to conceive.

Reproflexology is a calming and balancing holistic therapy that can help to ease emotional and physical stress and tension. Regular reflexology treatment, coupled with lifestyle changes by both partners can greatly improve fertility.

What is it?

Reproflexology™ aims to support couples/individuals through their own personal journey:

  • Natural conception
  • Assisted conception; IVF; ICSI; IUI
  • General health and wellbeing – creating the optimum health for Mums and Dads to be

It includes in its protocol:

  • Assessing and regulating the endocrine system (hormone balance)
  • Stress reduction techniques – physical, emotional and mental
  • Working with symptoms and causes of hormonal imbalance
  • Working to enhance the medicated cycle in assisted conception
  • Addresses lifestyle/exercise/diet and nutritional supplementation to support optimum health
  • Full support offered in a creative and caring environment

What is involved?

It is recommended that both partners complete the initial consultation form and this can be sent out prior to the first appointment. To prepare an appropriate treatment plan time is given at the first appointment to discuss and/or complete the consultation form and to do an initial foot assessment/treatment.

  • Initial consultation and assessment/treatment 90 minutes
  • Follow up treatment session 60 minutes


Venue: 1 Boswall Avenue, Edinburgh, EH5 2EA

Cost: £40 for 60 minutes, £55 for 90 minutes

Days & Times: 

  • Monday starting at 10am – last appointment 7pm
  • Tuesday starting 10am – last appointment 7pm
  • Wednesday starting 10am – last appointment 6pm
  • Thursday starting 2pm – last appointment 6pm
  • Friday starting 2pm – last appointment 4pm